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Cocoa Plus

The Mighty Egg-cellent Hamper

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What will I get: 

1 x Large 150g High Protein Chocolate Egg

2 x 40g mini bars of your choice

We're eggstatic, and let us tell you why...our Protein Easter Egg is back and is still the World's First High Protein Chocolate Egg!

Not only that! It's back bigger and better than before. Make your Easter this year with our delicious protein chocolate! Each limited whopping egg packs over 40g of protein and would make the perfect gift this Easter.

With this delicious hamper every 150g large Protein Easter Egg comes with 2 free 40g bars of our yummy protein chocolate, perfect for any raging chocoholic.

Each Easter Egg has been made to our highest standards by the hands of a chocolatier, it's our trademark creamy, 55% cocoa chocolate infused with high quality whey protein isolate and moulded into decadent shell. Treat yourself and have a cracking Easter!


Only 200 of our new large eggs have made been made so don't miss out and be left disappointed. 


 Please note, for International Orders choose "International Priority" shipping at checkout to guarantee delivery before Easter. Otherwise these will be sent via a standard shipping method. More info can be found here.