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World's First Protein Bar To Use 100% Recyclable Paper Wrappers

At Cocoa Plus, our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation has led us to achieve several industry firsts. Some notable milestones we've accomplished are listed below:

  1. First High Protein Chocolate: We were the first company to develop Protein infused Chocolate, revolutionising the concept of traditional chewy protein bars. By infusing high-quality protein into indulgent chocolate, we offer a satisfying treat without the laxative and bloating effects often associated with regular protein bars.

  2. First Protein Advent Calendar: In a stroke of Christmas genius, we introduced the World's first Protein Advent Calendar. This unique creation combines our delicious Protein Chocolate with the beloved tradition of counting down to Christmas with delicious Chocolate.

  3. First Protein Easter Egg: Embracing the joy of Easter, we proudly launched the first-ever Protein Easter Egg. Who doesn't love Easter chocolate so it made sense to pair them with our delectable Protein Chocolate. Suitable for Gym Bunnies (Easter, of course!) and non-Gym Bunnies!

Today, we are thrilled to share an exciting development in the Sports Nutrition sector. You may have noticed that our wrappers have undergone a transformation. We are proud to announce that we are the world's first Protein Bar company to adopt 100% recyclable paper wrappers, which are eligible for kerbside recycling. This achievement has been the result of two years of dedicated effort, made possible with the support of the remarkable team at paperpacked who are experts in paper flexible packaging.

This move will allow us to remove 750kg of single-use plastic from our supply chain alone. The largest Protein Bar brand in the UK sells over 1m bars per day - spare a thought that those 1m pieces of plastic will end up in landfill or waterways.

We invite you to experience our Protein Chocolate, knowing that each wrapper contributes to a greener future by reducing plastic pollution. Rest assured, the taste and satisfaction remain uncompromised.

Thank you for your time in reading this update, and we appreciate your continued support!


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