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Guest Blog: The 'Diabetic Friendly' High Protein Chocolate
Mark Twain once wrote “There is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable.” 
Chocolate is a temptation that I struggle with yet most of the time I refuse to yield. I’m not a particularly sporty type and I have no addiction to running or cycling. I find them soul destroying! I play a sport called touchtennis which is basically tennis on a compact court with kids racquets and I hit the gym twice a week without fail. To some that might seem pretty sporty, but I only go to the gym to enable me to eat what I like! If I didn’t go, there’d be a lot less words here as it’s not easy to type on a phone with fingers that are wider than the screen. 

“Chocolate is a temptation that I struggle with yet most of the time I refuse to yield.”

 To others and the many fitness fanatics, it’s a poor attempt at mitigating my eating. And I am more than comfortable with that! I don’t own a pair of running shoes or any product made of lycra! I never will. 
In February 2015, I was shown a photograph someone had snapped of me and I couldn’t believe how much flab I was carrying around my midriff. I set about changing, not for aesthetics, but because I am a type one Diabetic of over 25 years and the complications that arise from being overweight are well documented and terrifying! So I worked with a PT (despite all my contestations) to create a diet plan and workout regime that I would stick to. Not something for 3-6 weeks. Something for life. Something I could really do. At first I went 4 times a week and ate like a grazing Gazelle. Next to nothing. But after 8 weeks we worked in 2 squares of dark chocolate a day. 70% cocoa as a minimum, along with a ghastly protein shake every afternoon when I would normally have nailed a mars bar faster than I can shake my phone to undo this typing and the confession it reveals. For the last year I have cut out the protein shakes and try to ensure that my diet has enough of it from more natural routes. Then I made the sorry mistake (I thought) of following Cocoa+ on Instagram. 

Protein AND Chocolate!?

 This could be it. I ordered some immediately. Checking the post more often than a kid looks out of their bedroom door for Santa to arrive, I finally received them an entire DAY later damn them! I trust Cocoa+ are investigating instant drone delivery. 
Now as nice as this stuff may or may not have tasted, I was keen to ensure that I didn’t spike my blood sugars. As a diabetic, the dream is to keep as close to the magic number 5.5 on your reader as possible. A normal human being is always between 4.0 to 7.0 and a mars bar even with the correct dose of insulin, would show a spike up to about 17.0 and higher before tapering off. Not to mention all the junk that’s in it. 

“For the last year I have cut out the protein shakes and try to ensure that my diet has enough of it from more natural routes.”

 On Friday night I played 3 hours of touchtennis and measured my blood sugar all evening. I started playing with my levels at 8.9 which is actually a safe place to start (knowing you’ll drop due to the insulin moving around faster and as you burn off the food inside you). As I hit 6.7 I ate two squares of of the Orange Crisp high protein chocolate and continued to do that over the next two hours. I clocked 2549 calories on my Fitbit and didn’t once fall below 5.0. But more importantly, I didn’t once spike above 7.0. 
So my recommendation is to follow Oscar Wilde and ignore the somewhat cautious tones of Mark Twain. 
“I can resist anything except temptation.” 
Cocoa+ is the real deal. Get some. You won’t be disappointed. Oh and I am neither supported, sponsored or endorsed by them in any way. 
Enjoy Chocoholics!



Rashid Ahmad - Founder of touchtennis

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