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Not In Our Protein Chocolate!

 When we set out to create Cocoa+ we wanted to provide customers with a delicious protein snack which didn’t taste like one. You probably know the ones we're talking about – the one’s which are mostly dry, chewy monstrosities and contain many artificial ingredients!

If you are looking to lead a healthy lifestyle, then we don’t think you should compromise this by adding nasties in to your diet. As a consumer we feel you deserve better. So we set out some guidelines about ingredients you won’t find in our melt-in-the-mouth protein chocolate:


What you won't find in our Protein Chocolate.

Sugar Alcohols

These can come in many forms such as maltitol, xylitol and erythritol. You will usually find these in “no sugar added” products. Maltitol is commonly used in chocolate as it is cheap and can be purchased easily from chocolate suppliers. However, you will notice that if you purchase anything containing sugar alcohols by EU labelling guidelines; one must add a disclaimer to packaging “may cause laxative effect”. I’m not sure about you, but we want you to enjoy your chocolate without worrying about the bathroom or digestive discomfort!


Hydrolysed Collagen

This comes in many names such as Gelatine Hydrolysate, Collagen Peptides or Gelatine. It’s made from bones, skin and connective tissues of animals. Need we say more?!

It is used as a cheap way of bulking up protein content of your protein snack or bar. You can read more about it here (if you’re squeamish then don’t!)


Palm Oil

 Palm Oil if responsibly sourced and unprocessed has many a health benefit. However, to keep costs low most protein bar manufacturers will purchase cheap palm oil which is not RSPO certified and highly processed. As a result, unsustainable palm oil production is one of the main causes of deforestation, loss of habitat and animal cruelty.

Note; It can also be listed as Palm Fat as to not arise suspicion and confuse lovely customers.

So next time you reach for a bar – think about the Orangutans :)



 Made in labs across the world this is another common ingredient found in protein bars. It is used to preserve shelf life and keep bars “soft”.

It’s also a way of under declaring carb content in protein bars as it’s chemical composition is neither protein, fat or carbohydrate.

So next time you eat a “low carb” bar check out for this ingredient.

Remember carbs are not the enemy but not declaring them is a tad naughty!


Artificial Sweeteners

If you are looking after your body then why would you want to eat artificial nasties?

These sweeteners include Sucralose, Ace-K, Aspartame and Saccharin are made in labs. They may contain no calories but can cause confusion to your body. One of the main ones is decrease in insulin sensitivity.


On A Positive Note

Next time you purchase another protein snack check if they contain the above!

On a positive note cocoa+ contains none of the above! We use the finest cocoa solids, some sugar (less than a 70% dark chocolate bar), and the purest form of protein Whey Protein Isolate. It’s totally natural, high in fibre and packed with protein.

Why eat a chewy, dry and chemical laden bar again?

Check out our delicious protein chocolate here

Happy Indulging!



More Protein + More Cocoa + Less Sugar.

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