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Fats are the new healthy!

You may have noticed through careful analysis of our nutritional info, that our High Protein Luxury Chocolate contains a certain amount of fat...slow down though chocoholics! 

What do you mean fats are good for you?!

This doesn't mean that it's bad for you! It can be quite confusing to learn which fats are actually good for you. Saturated fats are the ones found naturally in animal and plant sources, it’s the trans fats found in margarine and partially hydrogenated vegetable oils used in low-quality products that are to blame. These are the unhealthy fats that you must avoid at all costs, and not saturated fats as we have been led to believe for so long. 

This fat in our delicious protein chocolate doesn't come from animal sources like that from meat, nor is it from cheap vegetable or palm oils that a lot of companies add into their chocolate and bars to cut costs. 

Where does the fat come from in our chocolate?

Enter the magical ingredient...cocoa butter! Nope, not butter like that from a cow, but it is actually one of two ingredients extracted from the cocoa bean. After the cocoa butter is removed the remainder is used to make the cocoa powder. Even though most of the benefits, flavour and colour of our chocolate comes from the cocoa powder, there are still perks of having cocoa butter in there too!

Guess what! Cocoa butter contains healthy fats, and the main constituents of this are stearic acid and oleic acid. These saturated fats consumed in moderation, unlike most, have been shown to lower blood cholesterol levels, and reduce the risk of heart!

Don't forget that burning healthy fats for fuel are crucial for your brain function. In fact, your brain cannot function properly without fats, excellent for those long revision sessions to get you through those tough exams.

Check this study out!

Healthy high fat foods have been shunned for so long. Studies have been done on a diets rich in complex-carbohydrates vs. fats, individuals have been wrongly advised to eat a diet rich in these complex carbs and one that is low in sat fat, when actually a shift towards a more grain-based diet has led to increased rate of obesity, diabetes and chronic illnesses!

A 14-year study involving 27,000 people between ages 45 to 74 confirms this, and it was found that those who consumed eight servings of full-fat dairy products a day cut their risk of diabetes by 25 percent compared to those who ate fewer servings.

Whether it's our original smooth creamy protein chocolate you enjoy, or our orange, mint or crisp choc packed with natural orange or mint oils and whey crispies, we hope that you enjoy our High Protein Luxury Chocolate even more with this in mind, packed with quality proteins and heart healthy fats!  

Enjoy Chocoholics!



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