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Congratulations to the winners of our biggest competition yet!

If you've been awake throughout the months of February and March this year then you will know that we've been running an awesome competition on Instagram to celebrate how delicious and chocolatey our range of bars and slabs are :)

Even though our competition is over and the winners announced it will definitely be back this year to give others a chance to win big prizes from us :) 

What's the big idea?!

The competition revolved around the idea that our delicious protein chocolate is not only great right out of the packet, but also topped on a big bowl of creamy porridge, along with your frozen berries and nut butter. 

Our chocolate is smooth and velvety and made using 100% cocoa butter and none of that nasty veg oil and palm oil stuff meaning that it means indulgently in a hot bowl of oats and that rich cocoa flavour disperses throughout your breakfast...mmmmm.

How could I have entered?

All you had to do was post up a lovely photo of your porridge, even if you don't just have it for breakfast (we love it so much we have it in the evening sometimes!), on instagram, and make sure it's topped with a few squares/chunks/shavings of our luxurious high protein chocolate. Then all you needed to do was to use the hashtag #cocoaplusyouroats on your post, and finally write a brief little caption explaining the recipe and the lovely little ingredients and toppings that make up your favourite bowl :)

How do you pick a winner?

The 5 lucky winners were announced every Sunday for that week. Our team of chocolatiers searched through the hashtag #cocoaplusyouroats every Sunday and chose the best looking bowl or even the best and most creative recipe as the winner for that week!

But what did they win?!

We had our biggest prize that we had EVER given away up for grabs! Winners won lots and lots of our delicious protein chocolate. Specifically they will be sent all our new and current releases throughout this year including our Easter range, new high protein milk releases and Christmas ranges...WOW!

The amazing winners are listed below and their awesome oatey creations are all up on their instagram pages and on our page too! Congratulations to all!

Winner of Week 1: @jenny_healthy_living 

Winner of Week 2: @kalpg 

Winner of Week 3: @miriamsimperium 

Winner of Week 4: 

Winner of Week 5: @sophgetssmaller 

Winner of Week 6: @clarafit_95 

The competition will return this year...

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