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Best Protein Chocolate? Our Customers Think So*!

Pioneers of Protein Chocolate

In 2016, Cocoa Plus made history by introducing the UK's first Protein Chocolate, marking a revolutionary blend of high-quality chocolate with a protein punch. Since then, we've dedicated ourselves to perfecting our craft, ensuring that Cocoa Plus remains synonymous as the best Protein Chocolate on the market.

Indulgent Protein Delights for Every Occasion

At Cocoa Plus, we've curated a delightful range of Protein Chocolate slabs alongside our renowned Protein Advent Calendar and Protein Easter Egg collections. Crafted with care, our Milk and Dark Protein Chocolate varieties boast an impressive protein content of over 27g per 100g — surpassing the protein content of a standard chicken breast (24g per 100g). While our chocolate may carry more calories, its nutritional value is undeniably impressive.

Continued Innovation and Sustainability

While much has evolved since our first range of bars, our commitment to crafting the most indulgent protein snacks in sports nutrition remains unwavering. Moreover, we're proud to announce that we've eliminated 90% of plastic from our packaging, reflecting our dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

A Sweet Balance of Taste and Health

At Cocoa Plus, we believe in offering protein snacks that excel in taste and texture without compromising on health. That's why our Protein Chocolate contains up to 50% less sugar than traditional supermarket chocolates. We refrain from using sugar substitutes like Maltitol or Xylitol, which are associated with digestive discomfort and laxative effects. After all, enjoying real luxury chocolate should be without fear of ending up on the toilet!

Indulge in Cocoa Plus Protein Chocolate Today

Experience the blissful fusion of protein chocolate indulgence with us at Cocoa Plus. Join us in redefining the world of protein snacks, one delicious bite at a time. Whilst the last few years have been tough in a post-COVID world we are ready to shake things up once more. Watch this space :-)

 * Visit our TrustPilot reviews to see our customer feedback on our Protein Chocolate!


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